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Vandergeest Landscape Care performs all tasks essential for a green and growing landscape from landscape installation to turf maintenance to irrigation maintenance.

Landscape Installation

Let our professional team create a new landscape with grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees for you that adds grace and stature to your property while our maintenance services provides protection to your investment.

Turf Maintenance

Established lawns require ongoing profession care if they are to remain healthy and beautiful.  We will create a Turf Maintenance Program for your landscape that include the proper mowing schedule with alternating mowing patterns, irrigation schedule according to the turf variety, fertilizing needs, weed control program, and a renovation and re-seeding schedule to keep your lawns vibrant.

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Irrigation and Water Management

For the health of your landscape, we will perform daily inspections and repairs of your irrigation systems. This involves controller programming and sprinkler maintenance, as well as necessary repairs, system expansion and irrigation installation.  Besides having a greener lawn, our irrigation maintenance services offer water-saving upgrades, such as ET-based controllers and water-efficient sprinkler nozzles. Many of these upgrades can be paid for with rebates from the Municiple Water District rebate programs which our team will facilitate.

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Integrated Pest Management

We utilize the most proactive, efficient, and economical approach to pest problems that uses the full range of pest control tactics including biological, mechanical, and chemical control when necessary. 

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Complete Tree Maintenance

Whether you need tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, michorrizal treatments, fertilizer injections, insecticide applications or tree inventory services, we offer complete tree care services to our clients.

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Greenwaste Management

We collect and recycle 100% of our onsite green waste and send it to state-of-the-art green waste facilities, converting waste into reusable mulching materials. We also utilize the latest in mulching lawnmowers and controlled release fertilizers to keep Vandergeest Landscape Care a good steward to our environment by not adding unnecessary debris or chemicals to our community landfills.

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